She snipped, stitched, laundered.

Julia’s friends would have been amazed by her industry.  For the model was a lazy, playful Leo who normally left the chores to others.

But this was no normal day.  She was leaving her Aries lover Barry.

She cut the sleeves out of his shirts, stitched her name in big red letters on his underpants, put his sweaters in the boil wash.  She hardly stopped to admire her most recent pictures in the newspaper.

His latest crime?  She had heard him talking about picking up “a lovely little model”.

But it had been so good, they were so wonderfully compatible in bed, brilliantly matched in passion and adventure.  Still it had to end.

And it was not just this other model – she could see off a rival.  What really bothered her were all those evenings he chose to go to football when he might have been with her.   A proud, headstrong Leo, Julia was endlessly looking for proof she was adored.  And her Scorpio rising sign made her a love controller.

Barry was an outgoing Aries who enjoyed being with his pals, loved his football, and enjoyed flirting.

When she came to see me, three weeks later and missing him, I had to tell her she was being foolish.  She didn’t like it, Leos never do.  But she wanted him back.  Saying sorry just wasn’t her style.  As an Aries, with a quirky Aquarius rising sign, he’d be flattered, amused by her behaviour – once a few weeks had passed!

When Barry got home a trail of her hauntingly familiar perfume drew him to the bedroom, where he found Julia lying on the bed.

“Have you missed me?” she asked.  “I was cut up at first,” he smiled.  Much later he took her to the garage where, tied with red ribbon, was a lovely little model – the car she’d always wanted.