Appearances weren’t quite everything to Tessa. But her Leo vanity dictated that she should never look one dollar less than a million. Now she had started dating Jon, she needed, or felt she needed, a new outfit to wear every week. And she got one.

How did she manage it, on her cleaner’s salary, that’s what her friends wanted to know. Jon was wealthy, but there was no way her pride would allow her to let Jon buy her clothes.

“Perhaps she steals them,” said one friend, rather anxiously. “Or worse …” giggled another friend. It amused Tessa when she overheard them. Because she had found a way to look chic, without it costing her a penny. It wasn’t like stealing. It was more like borrowing. The clothes were, in due time, returned in perfect condition. She had simply offered to look after the wardrobes of the women she cleaned for (well the ones with good taste and size 12 bodies) and take their clothes to the dry cleaner.

Her best employer was Estelle who had a wardrobe that bulged with goodies. So it was, on Saturday night that she dressed in Estelle’s cleaned, exquisite long silk suit for a special dinner date.

At least Jon said it was special, but it seemed quite ordinary, one of those restaurants that serve pretty food that doesn’t fill you up. He even left her at her door.

Next morning, the suit was safely back in Estelle’s wardrobe. Just as perfect as when she had borrowed it. But not quite the same.
Jon waited at the airport knowing the note he had slipped into the pocket of the silk suit would have been read by now. Knowing any moment that Tessa would arrive. He had invited her on a trip to Ireland where he planned to propose.

Except that it was an intrigued Estelle who was at that moment, journeying to the airport. Before he saw her, Jon did no believe in love at first sight. Now he did.