Joe’s love life amused his friends. 

The girls were gorgeous, the turnover rapid. With his sunsign, moon and Venus all in Gemini, for Joe the grass was always greener on the other side of the fence.

It was not the grass, however, that transfixed him as he gazed over the garden fence, but a beautiful woman sunbathing.

When she sat up to rub sun lotion on her silky skin, she gave him a half smile and a hint of a come-hither look. Joe could not 
resist. And there began the most exciting affair of his life, and the most difficult.

Fran was a Sagittarius and an only child. She was wilful, demanding, adorable. At times he felt that what had begun as a fling was more confining than what he saw as the “chains” of marriage. To his horror, he lost interest in other women.

Joe and Fran were made for each other, but they drove each other mad. Both loved to shine and were forever trying to out-razzle-dazzle each other.

When Joe was offered a job on the other side of the country – he was a DJ – it seemed a smart way out of their troubled relationship.
Not so, they missed each other too much. A month later he begged Fran to move in with him. But still it didn’t work. They both felt trapped by love, increasingly wretched.

When Joe came home at dawn one day, it was with a curious mixture of relief and sadness that he saw Fran had packed her belongings and left. At noon, he was still sitting there, bewildered, taking in the emptiness of his flat, his life.

The telephone rang and a sexy voice whispered. “Hi, I’m your new neighbour. I’ve just moved into the flat above yours. Why not come up for a coffee sometime.”

Sometime? He was upstairs in an instant. “Can’t live with you,” he smiled, as Fran opened the door of the flat. “Can’t live without you.”