Lucy typed the word “Love” into her computer. Lists appeared on screen – every aspect of her lover’s life from his clothes to his wife’s new evening class.

Lucy excelled at extracting facts. She was a researcher and beautiful in her generously curvy way. She was an adoring, giving Pisces woman. And Ben, as a Leo was happy to be adored. But still he did not leave his wife.

He had no children; he no longer shared a bed with Patricia. But she did organise his life. Lucy decided not to go with Ben on his three-month tour of the USA. She had something more important to do. She filled a wardrobe with replicas of everything Patricia had bought for him. She learnt to cook the same, elegant designer dishes. She dieted.

Ben did miss the comfortable cushion of flesh when Lucy gave him a welcome-home hug but smiled to think she’d lost weight pining for him. Lucy felt the smug satisfaction of a plan that was working as he left her, saying he needed to talk to his wife. He hardly recognised Patricia, she had gained two stones. And a warm from the oven treacle tart was on the kitchen table.

A Pisces, like Lucy, she had almost loved her man out of her life. Her ability to create the image she thought suited his political ambitions had almost killed the relationship. It’s luck that the evening class she took was astrology. She went back to being simply herself, the girl he’d fallen in love with 20 years ago. Later that night, as they fed each other treacle tart, without using fingers, he remembered Lucy. Made a mental note to cancel the plans he’d made for them to live together. The old Lucy he loved, but the new one – she definitely reminded him of someone.