It seemed to Liz she was meant to go to Spain. She always looked for signs and had that Aries arrogance and self-absorption that convinced her that everything was charged with some kind of message meant especially for her. On the same day, a friend had come round with a bottle of Spanish wine, a famous flamenco troupe were in the local theatre and when she turned on the radio a song called Spanish Eyes was playing.

Just coincidences, you’d think. But not to Liz. Then she drew the Ace of Fire from her tarot pack. She decided the man of her dreams was waiting in Spain. So, being an impatient and brave Aries, days later she was on the plane to the Costa del Sol.

She had scarcely arrived when she fell for the hotel barman. Julio had the dark good looks that had been so vivid in her mind’s eye.
“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,” he whispered. The most beautiful girl since the last one, this Libra charmer might have added, for he liked to add a new tourist to his sex list every week. Liz, however, decided to make him wait. She loved the ritual of flirtation, the delicious ache of desire. 

She said “not yet”. They had, she reasoned, the rest of their lives to make love.
It was not to be. The next morning she saw him in the local market with a woman who was surely his wife, mother of the two beautiful children who held fast to Daddy’s hands.

Liz returned home a little the wiser. But as she stepped into her flat she saw, with horror, that it had been ransacked by burglars. With pounding heart she dialled the police. As she waited, she picked up from among her strewn belongings a card – the Ace of Fire…

The police arrived. A fresh-faced constable, and the handsome dark-eyed Detective Spain, a fire-sign Leo who was to tell Liz, after several dates, about his broken engagement to a girl who’d fallen for a barman.