She wrote him letters in rose-scented ink. He left curt messages on her answerphone. Astrid knew he would not approve of the way she earned her living, of the important people she met in private. So she described herself as a business adviser. In a way, she was. But she used astrology charts and rune stones to give her advice.

They had been dating Reg for three months. Their charts were reasonably compatible, the runes had spelt out his name. And her brother, the tarot reader, saw a marriage, a voyage of discovery.

She was a Libra, beautiful, stylish, romantic and just a little cunning. She found a good day when Venus merged with Mars in the heart zone of her chart – for them to make love for the first time.

He agreed to fly with her to her hometown in Norway. He was a Pisces, so she knew the sounds of a storm would turn him on. She called her cousin, Ben. Yes, he’d supply a rune master to summon up a storm. He did this quite often – as an after-dinner entertainment – usually taking bookings, it must be said, when the weather report was, well, helpful.

Not that Ger, the rune master, knew of the weather research. He trusted his own rune magic.

Astrid promised her lover-to-be a storm. And a storm there was. He was amazed (mostly because his secretary, a methodical Virgo, had checked the weather and a clear, dry evening was forecast).

Astrid fell in love that night, but not with him. The moment she saw Ger, she knew … the passion went so deep it blistered her bones. But you’ll say, the runes had spelt out another name.

The man she brought to Norway was Reg, the same letters as Ger but in a different order. Even for a fortune-teller the future is full of surprises.