Gemma went into the Library that day simply to shelter from the rain.

It was her first ever visit. She could think on her feet, like Aries can, and was driven, dynamic, but would often fail to see a project through. She seldom finished a book. But, when the guy at the enquiries desk said, “Can I help you?” he was so gorgeous she said, “I want to join the library.”

At first she drew out thrillers, and did her best to read them. But it was not reading that obsessed her but the expressive, intelligent face of the male librarian. One day she overheard his colleague wish him happy birthday – so, he was a Gemini, perfect for her.

Of course, she told herself, he’d love a woman who read “proper books”. Soon she was going to the library every three days and staggered home with the heaviest books – in every sense – science, philosophy, great literature. Even her beloved scarlet motorbike was neglected.

In a month she had him calling her Gemma, and she was calling him Luke.

He asked her what she did for a living. She glossed over her real job as a motorbike courier, and said she was a mature student.

All those journeys to town, all the time she was taking off work. And all these books! If he didn’t ask her out today, this would be her last visit, she decided.

“Beautiful girl,” murmured his new assistant. “Lovely!” agreed Luke as the door closed behind her. “I’ve been longing to ask her out. But she’s much too clever for me. I like to leave the books on the shelf, get on my bike and ride.” He sighed remembering the dream girl he had glimpsed on a scarlet bike, if only Gemma were like her. Being yourself is the love tactic.