Stella was not shy, exactly, but reserved, with high standards, in the Virgo manner.  So unlike Viv, her Libra friend, with her string of boyfriends.  “You should get out more,” Viv would keep on saying, “lasso a man”.  It irritated Stella.  Yes, she’d like a boyfriend, but she wasn’t desperate.

She rather resented it when Viv arranged a blind date.  His name was John, he was rich, successful, had split with his girlfriend and needed to be cheered up.

Appealing to her Virgo humanity Viv managed to persuade her to meet John.  So on Friday night she walked into the wine bar.

He was sitting at a table in the corner reading, the only lone male in the place.  “John?” she asked.  “I prefer Jonathan, actually,” he said, giving her such a nice smile.  “I’m Stella, of course,” she said.  “Of course,” he smiled.

“I don’t usually do this sort of thing, you know,” she said.  But he soon put her at ease.

She asked him his starsign.  “Capricorn, oh good, I always get on with Capricorn.”  Then she blushed, worrying he’d think an interest in starsigns foolish.  But he said, “Would you like to come to the wholefood café for dinner?”

By the end of the dinner, the miracle had happened.  On this first date, they had fallen in love.  Of course, neither would mention that for at least three months.  They wanted to take things slowly though desire heated their blood.

He took her phone number as he kissed her, on the cheek, at the door of her flat.  The little red light on the answerphone was winking.  It was Viv.  “I’m so sorry, John just has it in for all women.  I saw him at the pub with his pals, I never guessed he’d stand you up.  Forgive me.”

Stella blushed again, she had picked up a complete stranger.  Still it was as if they were meant for each other.  And time proved they were.