The jury didn’t reach a unanimous decision and the judge indicated that he would accept a majority verdict. Sitting with her head bowed, Paula heard the words “Not Guilty”.

She raised her eyes only to find, for the umpteenth time, her gaze became snarled up with the accused. She blushed. Gareth was a wonderful word-spinner, simmering with Gemini charm.

When Paula was first called up for jury service, she had been dismayed. How could she, a tender-hearted Pisces, balance her natural compassion with her duty. How would she feel if someone lost their liberty partly on her say-so?

She hurried out. Gareth was waiting. “Can I buy you a drink? You’ve such a kind face, I was sure you’d do right by me.” He smiled.

In the ordinary way, Paula would have said no. The night before the trial began, she had dreamed his face, seen him spinning a globe, turning her world upside down.

Her Pisces heart ran ahead of her reason, and he loved her in return. Pisces and Gemini can be a tricky pairing, but when it works it is truly wonderful. Gareth found in Paula a stillness that soothed him. It was as if the two of them had found a safe, yet exotic, exciting haven.

But … “I have something to confess,” he said, when they had been together for seven months. “I can’t keep it from you. The truth is, I was guilty. I did tap into the bank’s computer to fill my own account. I’m sorry if this shocks you when you had such faith in my innocence. Please forgive me. I’ll never break the law again.” 

Paula smiled. “Remember, it was a majority verdict. I was one of the two who voted you guilty. You never fooled me for a moment.”