“Handsome executive, youthful 40, seeks foxy female for wining and dining, no-strings romance.”

When Vicky’s eyes lit on this item, she did not stop to think, just took up her pen and replied.

She was an impulsive, independent Aries. And after one of those pointless lover’s quarrels had broken up with her steady, Capricorn boyfriend Keith who she’d been supporting through college.

How wild he’d be, when he heard about her new, sophisticated man who would whisk her off on luxury holidays, dress her in designer clothes.

So it was, she arrived at the smart restaurant. Oh, he was 40 all right, and more. His decision to comb strands of hair over his bald patch was not alluring. And she noticed a wedding ring gleaming on his swollen pig-pink fingers. 

In the instant of seeing him, she came to her senses. She opened her mouth, meaning to say it was all a mistake. 

But instead she was answering a stream of questions. When he asked about “the bedroom department” and clamped a moist hand on her knee, she made a silent plea for rescue.

“Excuse me madam,” said a voice at her shoulder, “you are wanted urgently on the phone.”
She gazed at the handsome waiter, her mouth silently forming “Keith” as she followed him.

“What are you doing here, spying on me?” she accused him. “What are you doing here with that creep? I’m working day and night to pay you back all I owe you. I can’t stand by and see you with that man. Stay there, I’ll go and tell him what’s what.”

Minutes later he was back, a little flushed, bright-eyed with triumph. “I told him we’re going to be married next month.”

“I see,” said Vicky. For the first time in weeks she was smiling. “So you simply told him the truth.”