She met him at a stately home, in a room that smelt of dusty tapestries. watched by rows of outraged ancestors in their gilded frames, she gave him a birthday gift of memorable loving. Then, as he slept, walked out on him. Both these events were a total surprise to Jimmy.

Hilary’s starsign and rising sign were both Aquarius, making her adventurous, so unconventional. She saw no reason to reproach herself for her brief encounter with Jimmy. The only thing that made him memorable was the ring in the shape of a scorpion. She assumed he enjoyed the adventure as much as she did. How wrong she was.

A week later, postcards came from all over Europe, with just her name and address. No other words, yet delivering a message of menace. “I can’t think who is doing this,” she wailed, when she came to see me. But the clues were there. The ring, the birthday. He was a Scorpio, insulted that she could dump him.

Her surname was unusual, it was easy to find her address in the phone book. His job took him all over Europe – explaining all those postcards. He would not go quietly from her life.

She got in touch with him. Spoke words of love and longing. Arranged to meet him at a pub near the stately home (taking the precaution of having a pal watching everything – for this was a risky strategy). Two hours went by, at one moment she thought that she glimpsed him but he did not appear. The hurt had been to his ego, not his heart. By standing her up he had gained retribution.

Then turning, she caught the eyes of an attractive stranger. She smiled an invitation. Let’s hope she checked his starsign.