Ann was talking about “the red mists”. When she lost her temper, she said, she lost all reason, too.

She was a fire-sign Aries with Mars, planet of hot-tempered passion, in an awkward position in her birthchart. And this time her blinding rage had cost her dear.

Suspecting, on the scantiest of evidence, that her fiancé Tony was cheating on her, she slammed straight into the decision to end the engagement. She wanted to do it in a way he would not forget.

They worked for the same company, were even competing for the same promotion. Hurling herself down at her computer keyboard, she typed out a message. On every desk, on every screen, the news flashed up that she and 
Tony were through. Worse, she hinted that the problem was his woefully weak sex performance.

The opposite, of course, of the truth, and one of the reasons she decided he was having an affair. He wasn’t, now she knew that. Knew, too, she wanted him back.

In most cases, impossible, but Tony was a Sagittarius. As strong as she was, yet able to forgive and understand her. She did not take the simple route to forgiveness.

The next morning at work, bells rang, the loudspeaker hissed. Expecting the usual announcement about the fire alarm test, no one took much notice until Ann’s voice came over the loudspeaker, making it known how wrong she had been, what a fabulous stud Tony really was. A ripple of appreciative laughter ran round the open-plan office. “She’s quite a girl,” his boss smiled – instead of sacking her. Tony forgave her.

But life is not always fair. Ann also got the promotion he so much wanted, and a ticket he brought her back from Spain – on the business trip that stirred her suspicions in the first place – won the lottery.