No one likes to be ditched by a lover, but Scorpio likes it less than anyone.  

Anna had sun, moon and Venus in Scorpio so, when Tom ended it, she was furious.

All he said, after two years together, was that he needed some space.  

Another woman she could have handled.  But space?  How do you compete with that?

Still she tried.  She knew Mark at work was attracted to her.  
So at first two nights, then three, then four, she arranged to meet him at the pub where she knew Tom would be drinking.  

Her dresses go tighter and shorter, her stiletto heels got higher.  She knew what Tom, a Scorpio too, liked.

She would take Mark’s hand as they left the pub, and whisper to him as if she could not wait to be in his arms.  All for Tom’s benefit.  But outside, it was just a friendly peck on the cheek and goodbye.

She enjoyed the game.  But something was creeping up on her, so stealthily.  She had fallen in love with Mark.  

Tonight would be different, she would tell him that now the attraction was mutual …

For once she arrived early at the pub, looking more than usually beautiful, in a dark blue silk dress that covered everything, yet moved against her body so very sensuously.

Tom watched her waiting, then went over to her.   “Mark isn’t coming, I had to tell him you were just using him.  

He mentioned at football training that he was going to propose, and, well, I had to spare him the humiliation.  
I knew exactly what you were doing, trying to make me jealous.  

One Scorpio can never fool another.

“Besides, I’ve missed you, I’m ready to move back in with you …”

For once Anna was speechless, it was true she had been using Mark.  But now she loved him.  

Would he ever believe that?   “Tom,” she sighed.  “Go away, can’t you see I need space?”