The twins were born on July 22, 1977. Emma came into the world at 11.00pm (GMT) – a Cancer. But at 11.05pm, the sun had moved into Leo, so Kate was a Leo. Identical twins, yet from two different zodiac signs. They were pretty, talented, popular, in identical amounts. So why was Emma jealous of Kate?

As a water sign, she was a victim of the unreasoning jealousy that even the luckiest, nicest Cancer must guard against. Kate had her faults, too, self-indulgent, vain, easily bored – but not jealous. 

Whatever Kate had, Emma wanted it. And although generous Kate happily lent clothes to her friends, she snapped at her sister, “Buy your own.” For she sensed that Emma wanted not just her things, but her identity.

Kate began a sexy, sparky, loving relationship with Paul, a handsome Aries. Emma meanwhile went on lots of dates. But she wanted Paul. She got him. It happened when he called round unannounced to find that Kate was out. Emma invited him in, and using her gentler, more seductive Cancer ways, dazzled him into her bed then into a proposal.

Kate reacted with dignity, pride carefully intact, no one saw her tears. She declined, however, to be a bridesmaid and worried that Emma was marrying for the wrong reasons.

Days before the wedding, Kate, who now had her own flat, came round to see her twin. And listened to all the fairy-tale wedding plans. As she left, she smiled sadly, kissed her twin lightly on the lips, so their breath mingled. A sign, Emma thought, she’d admitted defeat. Kate returned home still feeling awful.

On the wedding morning, Kate went round to help her prepare. The two met on the doorstep, Emma was distraught. “I can’t get married. It’s all ruined – look at me!”

They looked at each other’s spotty faces. “Yes,” said Kate. “Measles, you always wanted what I had. Now have this one on me.”