It began when Carol walked into the showroom and asked him to take her for a test drive. She was leggy, exotic, with a teasing sense of fun. Bill, a sex-hungry Scorpio, was smitten. He’d just slid out of a relationship with June, a gentle Cancer woman, pushing him for commitment.

He asked Carol out, soon it was an affair. He was used to being the sex-master, the one who was adored. But she was so adventurous, athletic, dominant. Then the next night she would give his emotions an extra twist by totally changing, by being softly sensual, so submissive. It was as if there were two Carols.

Which of course there were. Carol and her twin sister Cathy were having fun – at his expense. And that’s the one thing Scorpio man hates. The twins were Sagittarius. But while Carol’s moon was in wild Aquarius, by the time Cathy was born, just minutes later, the moon had moved into gentler Pisces.

Bill caught sight of them together in the newly-opened Red Café. The shock snaked into his heart. He felt like a victim.

When he came to see me, he spoke so fondly of June. We compared their charts – it would work so well. Yes, but first, he said, he had to walk away from the twins with his pride restored.

When he next saw Carol, he told her he planned to take her to Paris. She said yes, but not to mention it again until they met on Friday at the station. The next night he asked Cathy – with the same result. Friday found Bill and June at the Red Café, planning their wedding. Checking his watch he smiled to imagine how, in his empty flat, the phone would ring and ring again. And June smiled a silent thank you to her cousins, the twins.