Lisa had everything.  She was sultry, yet sweet, beautiful, funny, and she understood men.  Knew that whatever questions a man asked about the past, he really wanted to be the first.  Lisa had a lot of firsts until, at 28, she married Jack, a millionaire who adored being her first and only love.

She was a Libra, used to being the one who was adored.  But now, at the age of 35, she had her first experience of falling in love.  She meant to keep it secret, but this feeling was so unexpected, she told her best friend Joanne.

“Of course Jack must never find out,” Lisa said.  Joanne smiled across the table, a slimmer’s special marooned on the plate in front of her while slim Lisa ate chips.

Joanne liked Jack, a loyal, proud Leo, who would be wounded to the heart by betrayal.  But didn’t he deserve to know?  It was ratting on a pal, but …

Joanne was a Cancer, Lisa’s pal for 25 years.  And brooding resentment stained her thoughts.

Lisa called it friendly competition every time they went for the same job.  Said: “Aren’t I lucky?” when she got it.  Said the same when she got the house, the car, the life Joanne craved.

Lisa lay in her lover’s arms, lost in satin pleasure.  Well, not quite lost.  “Leave Jack, live with me,” he said.  She kissed him silent, instead of saying no.  She could never hurt Jack.

But someone did hurt Jack.  When Joanne told him, his world collapsed.  He moved out of the beautiful house and filed for divorce.  He did not even ask who his wife’s lover was.  In fact, Joanne did not know.

Three days later she did, when she found a note on her pillow from her husband Tom.  “I have left you and moved in with Lisa.  For the first time, I’m really in love.”