The new young boss came in like a hurricane, shouting about promotions, redundancies and promising one of the managers would be made his deputy with a fat salary.

Sue caught her co-worker Jon’s eye. A few years ago, they had been lovers. It has never been an easy relationship between Sue, a so determined, forthright Leo, and Jon, a no less determined but more devious Scorpio. Their parting has been a bitter one.

Yet here they were working together. And, it was obvious to everyone, the two hottest contenders for the job of deputy. Still she could not stop herself confiding to Jon, “He ought not to be making A redundant and promoting B. 

That new boss is not half as smart as he thinks.”

“Why not tell him,” said Jon, as a smirk oozed across his face. “He said he valued initiative.”

“I’m not that crazy,” she replied. Yet her Leo vanity led her to do so. That afternoon, she answered her phone to hear she was being offered a top job with a rival firm. “And a dress allowance,” said Jon into the receiver, his voice disguised by a silk cloth.

She fell into his trap. She strode into the boss’s office to hand in her notice and let him know the mistakes he’s made.

He listened stony-faced. Then, with a hint of a smile, asked her to sit down. “I appreciate your honesty. It’s so rare in business. I can’t abide yes men. What can I do to convince you to stay?”

She thought for a moment, only a moment. The other job had so many benefits, but not the supreme satisfaction of winning the job race with Jon. “The job of your deputy would do it.”

“It’s yours,” her Leo boss replied who, now she came to look, was rather handsome. “Let’s celebrate over dinner tonight.”