Mark chose gifts that delivered a surprise. So, for his organised, very sensible, scientific, beautiful Virgo girlfriend Mel, he bought a spellmaking kit. Pity. She had been hoping for an engagement ring.

She was 25, her research showed this was the right age for successful marriage. And she had hopes, even if Mark’s Sagittarius jokes made her grimace. As she looked at the box, the frog logo provoked a sigh. She found that story worked in reverse. When she kissed princes they turned into bad boys.

Her cat, Mr. Mog, slid a curious paw under the lid of the box, flipping it open. 
She put down the apple she was eating, to pick up the spellcard that spilled out. 

It said peel an apple, in one continuous strip, then let it fall to the ground so it formed the name of your destiny partner. Nonsense, she smiled, as her strip of peel formed the letter “S”.

The second spell promised the man she was to marry would be with her tonight. It asked her to tie seven knots in a piece of string. The moment she’d finished, Mark rang to say he had things to do, and to go to the party without him. She left her cat playing with the string, so much for spells!

Mel stood on the balcony at the party looking at the full moon, when a man tapped her on the arm.
“Hello Sam,” she said, though she had never seen him before.

Mark was persuading a jeweller pal to open his shop. It had hit him like a hurricane, he wanted to marry Mel. “Amazing,” he thought. “What a lucky girl.” He drove to the party.
Too late. Mel had left with Sam.

As they kissed for the first time, he said, “You’re the woman I’ve waited for, marry me.” It was easy to say yes to this decisive Scorpio.
Later she noticed the diamond frog he wore on this lapel. “It’s my company log,” he whispered. “We make gifts with a touch of magic.”