They met in secret, drove out to remote country pubs, made wild love on the moors.  It was easy to feed lies to her boyfriend, Tim, a relaxed, honest Aquarius, when she went to meet her lover.
Peter, her older, married man, sent her crazy with desire.  Tina was an impulsive, “me first” Aries.  The secret, forbidden meetings gave her such greedy pleasure.

He never talked about his estranged wife.  But she conjured up an older, downtrodden woman.  Smugly, she congratulated herself on being much younger.

She knew she should let Tim go, spare him the hurt come the day Peter made their secret love official.  He was a Pisces who painted a fantastic picture of their future.  But why not enjoy being adored by two men a little longer?

When this skein of deceit unravelled it did so very quickly.

Driving down a dark country lane to their favourite pub, Tina saw, in the glare of the headlights, a Rolls-Royce with the bonnet up.  Slowing down to see if the woman driver needed help, she gave a little gasp or recognition.

Tina had noticed this glamorous stranger before, in the bank, at the gym.  Coincidence, she had thought at the time.

“Drive on, now!” yelled Peter, his voice loud and ugly.  But the woman, his wife, stepped in front of Tina’s Mini.  Then, out of the Rolls-Royce, stepped Tim.

“You were right, Mum,” he said.  “My girlfriend and my dad – and how I trusted her.”

Two relationships, both Tina’s had ended that night.  Peter, as he always did when reality bit, went back to his rich, glamorous wife.  Tim did not want to know Tina.

But life is a learning experience, especially for Aries.  Next time Tina falls in love, it will be with one man forever.