Jack looked at the swarm of cards on the mat and sighed.  Time had trapped him.  He was 35 today, his target age to get married.

There were two contenders for the title of Mrs. Jack.  Gina, the gorgeous dance teacher with a delicious sense of humour – he’d never been so in love, so at ease with anyone.  He was an Aries, she was a Sagittarius – they were starred to be lifelong lovers.

But she didn’t dress or talk like a boss’s wife – her cooking was very basic.  And Jack was very ambitious.

Contender number two was Liz.  Now she, he thought, would really help his job prospects.  Always beautifully turned out, the meals she cooked, even in his bachelor kitchen, were so impressive.  Her sex techniques were interesting.  He liked her.

She was a Pisces, not the obvious match for him.  But if they both were committed, it could work.  He put on the silk shirt Liz had bought for him and sent a short note to Gina.  Sorrow twisted in his mind that she would no longer be in his life.  Still, no use being sentimental.  “I have decided to get married so I won’t be seeing you again,” the note read.

When Liz called him from her car to wish him happy birthday, he proposed.  It must have been a bad connection – the phone just cut out.

Liz chuckled, well Jack would have to be dropped now.  Still, the new gym instructor was rather attractive, time to move on.

Jack took the picture of Gina out of his wallet, in its place, he put a neatly smiling Liz.  He would show the guys at work – his new boss had hinted that married men were more likely to be promoted, and he was looking for a deputy.

It worked out rather differently.  When Jack showed his boss the picture of the so-suitable Liz, he recognised her.  Well, she was the boss’s own beloved wife.