Kerry was in a fix, finding herself engaged to two men. You know how these things happen, or if you’re a Libra you do. Jonathan, her childhood sweetheart, asked her to marry him, she said yes. Tony, the gambler, whipped out a ring and she said yes.

Kerry really couldn’t say no. She was kind, could adapt herself to any man’s desires, wanted to be loved, wanted to get the best deal.

She asked her friends. Half were in favour of steady, loyal Jonathan, half in favour of the gorgeous rich Tony, with his very racy romantic past.

She turned to the tarot. You should ideally keep your cards very safe, wrapped in a silk scarf. But Kerry just flung them in a drawer.

“Whatever they tell me” she said to herself, sitting at the kitchen table, “I shall do.” 

At first the cards she laid out told her of money, of travel. She grew impatient. Then the last cards – the two of water, followed by the three. Yes, she was going to marry. “But who?” she muttered.

For once, she felt, the cards, had not helped, not given her an answer. So she decided. Jonathan had asked first, he was safe, she chose him.

She did her make-up, wore her favourite blue silk coat – she had to look her best for the tearful break-up with Tony. And it would be she who cried because something in her loved Tony powerfully.

She was barely out of the door when her flatmate came in. Sue, a Virgo, hated the mess Kerry left. The cold coffee on the table, the crumbs, the cards. Sighing, she picked up from the floor two cards that Kerry, in her carelessness, had left fall as she carried them from the bedroom.

The Wheel of Fortune, and the Lovers Card. Pointing so clearly to the gambler, advising her to follow where passion led, painting the clearest picture of Tony. Cards she would have dealt … but now would never know about as Sue put the pack back into the drawer.