Her personal profile revealed she was 25, blonde, gorgeous, and a cable TV presenter. No surprise, then, that she got lots of reaction when she went into the “chat room” – one of the things she could do via the internet on her computer. Of course, she didn’t really expect to meet any of the worldwide guys who wanted to get to know her.

But then Sally got one of her impatient, daring Aries moods. And vowed that she’d meet the next guy who put a message on her screen. That guy was Ray. He was, he told her, 23, a law student who modelled in his spare time and, as she’d guess from his surname, he did belong to a rich family.

None of this really impressed Sally. She dismissed it as “too good to be true”. He was probably some dull guy who had nothing better to do than play with his computer.

They talked on the phone, it was easy, relaxed, fun. If only, she thought, he hadn’t told all those wild tales about his background. He told her she could see him modelling in a glossy magazine.

He was coming to London and she arranged to meet him. In a public place, as he was, despite all the cyber chat, a stranger. She promised to come to the airport.

She looked at the people walking by. Like her, he would probably be the opposite of his picture. “Ray” she said to a plain-looking guy who scuttled away in alarm.

Then a voice said her name. A voice she recognised. It was Ray. He had checked her out right at the start of the friendship. Knew what she really looked like. Well he was a Scorpio. Yet it was Sally who was the most surprised for Ray matched in every detail what he had told her. That was just the start of the adventure.