As she paused before the mirror to tip her new hat saucily over one eye, Jenny was humming the wedding march. Today it would be her.

At 28, Jenny had a very long list of ex-lovers who would have married her. But, at the age of 19, feeling harassed by all her suitors, she had taken a husband. Not a real-life one, but an imaginary one. Thanks to “him-indoors” no man could possess her. And so every new encounter had a flavour of secret meetings, aching longing, dramatic goodbyes.

She was, after all a Sagittarius with her moon, rising sign and Venus, all in this freedom-loving sign. The idea of one man for life, of marriage, had appalled her.

Then into her life had come Paul, a handsome Capricorn who won her heart. He would have loved her, too, had he been willing to compromise those famous Capricorn principles, that made it so difficult for him to take another man’s wife. 

To invent a husband had been easy, to dis-invent him difficult. Should she be a wronged divorcee, a tragic widow? No. When we looked at his chart, only simple truth would work.

She would tell him that there never was a husband. And that she had created one just for self-protection. “He’ll think I’m crazy,” she smiled to herself.

She was more than a little crazy when she arrived at the wedding. She was half demented with hurt. She crushed the chic wedding hat between her clenched hands. As she watched to see what kind of man her cousin was to marry after such a very brief engagement, and was horrified to see that familiar upstanding Capricorn Paul.