The gorgeous little cream dress was just what she’d buy. If she had a salary as big as Lyn’s. Of course, Lyn had gone to another meeting, leaving her secretary Sue to pick up her dry-cleaning. Sue looked at the dress. It was her size. Amazed by her own daring, she slipped the dress on. The office door opened.

“Lyn?” It was Mr P, one of the big bosses. “She’s away.” Sue blushed in the presence of this charming, sexy, rascally Aries. He smiled. “I was going to take Lyn to lunch, perhaps you’d come instead?” Her mind raced, she had promised to meet her boyfriend Mark for a sandwich. Too bad! Sue was a Capricorn with ambition. Lunch with one of the bosses, that could really help. She could share her ideas.

In the event, though, she shared rather more than her ideas with Mr P. In the smart hotel dining room, the wine flowed freely, to freely. And when he suggested they take a room for the afternoon, she agreed. A tussle on the bed, the sharp sound of ripping fabric. “Never mind,” said her impatient would-be lover. “I’ll buy you another dress.” But she fled.

She asked me, in that genuine Capricorn way, how best to set the record straight with Mark the Virgo boyfriend she’d so nearly cheated. Mark has the chart of a man who would chew and chew on this near betrayal. Best to stay quiet, live with her own guilt, learn from it.

Lyn roared with laughter when Sue confessed to borrowing the dress for a date. (Even though it was gift from Lyn’s new, secret fiancé, Mr P.) Lyn was a Leo, with a generous heart. “You can pay me back out of your new salary. I got you a promotion at the meeting the other day.”