Sophie was a softie, a warm and caring Cancer with a brimming heart and so much love to give – enough for both Gerald and Jack.

Gerald was, as everyone agreed, a “catch”. He was a conscientious Virgo utterly faithful to her, with a fine mind and his own health food business. And, in true Virgo style, his cool looks hid a core of hot, and interesting, passion.

He was also her main business link. His company bought over 75 per cent of the wholefood cakes she made in her small factory. Oh yes, he was good-looking, too. And had proposed.

Yet, when she closed her eyes, she saw him polishing cutlery in restaurants before he ate with it, making a minute inspection of his wine glass. Being so critical, saying again and again she must choose between them, must turf Jack out of her flat, say goodbye forever.

Jack, for his part, could not have been less like Gerald. He was a changeful Gemini, one minute so affectionate, the next non-committal and aloof. He came and went as he pleased, sometimes stayed out all night, rarely, if ever, explaining or apologising. She suspected he was smooching around her new neighbour already … yet the thought of losing him quite desolated her.

On paper there was no contest. Gerald would give, Jack would take. Yet she cared so much for them both. So she did what she often did when faced with a dilemma. She went to see her cousin, the rune-reader.

The rune message was clear, the name spelt out before her was Jack. Beside it the sign of eternal love. She couldn’t wait to tell Jack of her decision, seeing a picture of him stretched on her bed, so athletic, so beautiful. In fact, she found Jack in the arms of another …

Her handsome new neighbour Phil was holding Jack, stroking his elegant head. “What a wonderful cat,” he said. They smiled and she knew the three of them had a wonderful future – together. She was right, after all Phil was a Pisces.