Meet Scorpio

He’s handsome, always knows exactly what you’re thinking, and sees the garden as his territory. Just what you would expect from a Scorpio cat who also answers to the name Scorpio.


Cats who jump onto buses and end up on the other side of town or who try to follow you all the way to work - they're Scorpio. So are the ones who inadvertently get left behind in a house move - then show up hundreds of miles and months later, on their owner's new doorstep.

Uncanny, obstinate, super-energetic, Scorpio has a spooky way of looking right into your mind. And she doesn't have to see you reach for the cat basket or the car keys to know that a journey's in the offing. And, if it's not an expedition that she's organised herself, she wants none of it. Her habit of hiding on these occasions is both infuriating and infallible.

Hers is a very strong character and she will dominate any other living creature in a household, effortlessly. Tell her off, and she will simmer and sulk for days. 

Make no mistake, she is the mistress of all she surveys and your rules just don't apply. If a restriction (such as no ripping of armchairs) makes no sense to her logic, then she sees no reason to obey it. This cat thrives best where she has access to a rather wild garden with a secret jungle she can call her own.

Another distinguishing feature of the Scorpio cat is that she never, but never, comes when called. That would be an admission of weakness. Instead, she mysteriously materialises by your side before you get round to saying her name … 
She adores the sun - or heat from any source - so make sure that her nose and eartips don't get sunburned.

She enjoys playing with you but can't, or won't, draw her claws in. And when enraged with an unwelcome feline visitor, she's such a fearsome fighter that she'd probably take on a Shogun four-wheeled drive if it dared to nose into her drive. Her often exotic beauty usually incorporates a healed scar or two …

She is very loyal - to one person only - and glowers like crazy if you make a fuss of any other creature. She might give the object of your other affections a wicked nip on the ankle if you don't make moves to anticipate this odd 'revenge'.

One tip - if your Scorpio comes to you as a very junior explorer, you'll have to guard it against danger extra carefully. Always check under your car, or in your washing machine, before starting either up because this cat is not cautious at all and likes crannies.