Meet Benji and Moo Moo

Pisces Benji with his pal Moo Mo



She's a daydreamer who often goes into a trance midway through a wash - and adopts some comical poses with her front paw or back leg stuck in midair. She's a feely-cat who judges everything on gut reaction and sheer instinct and she's rarely wrong in her judgements about people.

She's of a gentle, though not nervous, disposition and picks up moods a million miles away. She reacts instantly and is one of the most comforting cats to have around. She may be hard to stop, though, once she gets into caring mode and has a liking for licking your hair and eyebrows and kneading your lap into jelly.

One easy way to identify a Pisces cat is by their drinking habits. She loves 
lapping puddle water — it seems infinitely preferable to clean, filtered tap water for some reason, but never mind.

She's undeniably pretty, with even mirror-image markings and enormous clear eyes, and moves with a molten smoothness and grace. Yet this cat likes slumming it and can come home looking amazingly grubby.
She sleeps exactly where she likes and may choose a different spot for each night of the week. It is a waste of time investing in a special basket for her because she will probably ignore it - unless you place it on your pillow.

It is also likely that she will treat you as a mother substitute - she may have been an abandoned kitten - and she likes to follow you closely, glued to your heels, wherever you walk.

Your Pisces cat goes overboard with affection when stroked and hates to be ignored - so make sure she is never short of warm, loving company.

Deeply sentimental and totally attuned to emotions around her, she has one of the quietest cries in the cat world. Often, she mimes a miaow with no sound whatsoever. She needs plenty of security in her life and a regular routine. And she'd benefit from being kept indoors overnight! This starsign is particularly prone to unwanted parenthood, so don't delay if you plan to get her neutered - she's an early starter and irresistible to local toms!