Meet Chrissy

Smart, friendly and caring Chrissy has all the qualities of an Aquarius cat. 


You may have paid a lot of money for this handsome youth. An now you're wondering if someone has slipped you a gremlin by mistake. Complicated, completely unpredictable and not entirely domesticated - no wonder his detractors reckon he's crazy. You prefer to call it highly-strung and sophisticated.

His provocative behaviour — walking away in a huff, nicking your kneecaps with his sharp claws then licking your chin adoringly - has one aim in mind. Your undivided attention. And it is only when this is unavoidably interrupted, by a ringing telephone or a knock at the door, that he goes into overdrive and swipes cups to the floor.

What he needs is gentle, consistent but persistent training. When he acts up, be extra quiet and gentle with him and make it clear by the firmness of your voice that his behaviour is unacceptable.
The trouble is, your Aquarius cat sees the world as his oyster - there are no limits in his mind. So why can't he take that interesting short cut, via the curtains, that would so clearly save effort? What's wrong with unravelling the cuff of that woolly sweater. And why doesn't anyone else realise what a hoot his ankle-level ambushes are - he thinks they're funny?

His biggest wheeze - and one that never ceases to amuse (him) - is hiding. He just loves it when you're in a rush to catch him and get off somewhere important, like an airport. Endearing - oh, yes, he's that too. He's got a limitless need for love and thinks humans are great. If only they were a bit more imaginative. He's always following casual acquaintances he's befriended and turning up in shops and restaurants. He'd like to live above a nightclub.

One thing is certain: no matter whether your Aquarius has a pedigree longer than his body nose-to-tail or he's a rough-living feral who adopted squatter's rights, he'll always make his own rules.

Just put up with his friends (who are probably of different species) and treasure him for what he is: a whacky, one-off.