Meet Matilda

This clever cat often hitches a ride on her owner’s shoulder. And this feline is such a classy beauty that she just has to have Venus in the sign of Libra in her birth chart.


If your cat is so charming that he even persuades avowed cat-haters that allowing a feline into their own home would be a good thing, then your fine feline fellow just has to be a Libra. Simply everyone likes him and he plays on this knowledge to ensure that he gets his own way, nine times out of ten.

He's not totally selfish - he'll rush in with fur flying and paws flailing if he believes that any member of his human family are being victimised - but he is a dab hand at looking after his own interests.

Good-natured, good-looking and chronically unable to decide whether to come in or go out, play or snooze, he possesses personality by the bagful. Luxury is the only lifestyle he is interested in and, if he has a weakness, it is snobbery.

Whatever his background, he suffers certain illusions of grandeur and believes he is the epitome of good breeding and fine pedigree. Surroundings that are less than elegant do not please a Libra cat and if he is truly disappointed in his home style, he might become rather dispirited - or shop around for a flashier, prettier home.

Even-featured and well-proportioned, this cat usually looks lovely but his athletic figure can seriously overflow as he gets older, owing to his taste for rich foods. If he cannot wheedle a choice morsel from your plate or fridge, he is not above helping himself when you're not looking!

Snuggly and cuddly, he invites hugs and cuddles and loves having the base of his spine tickled. Music and vibrant colours hold a special appeal from him and he has a quiet, melodious miaow. He's so likeable and winsome that it may be difficult to insist on the amount of hearty, outdoor exercise that he needs - he'd rather watch television or listen to Mozart - but you'll be doing him a real favour if you help him keep fit into old age.