Sagittarius cat

Meet Roxy, a cat with character, and handsome, in his own, rather unconventional, way. He’s very adventurous, friendly and entertaining — a fine example of a Sagittarius cat.


Even if you don't know exactly when your cat was born, you will be able to pinpoint their starsign. Just watch your feline friend for a few minutes. The way they look and how they behave will soon tip you off about their sign because cats, like people, are greatly influenced by the position of the planets at the time of their birth …


Does your cat always look on the bright side? Does his optimism border on the arrogantly misguided? Is he of such a roving nature that you've occasionally considered the possibility of an escape-proof back garden? Does he like horses? 
Then rest assured that you're sharing your living space with an outrageously rumbustious Sagittarius.

Your adventurous, ever-youthful pal is travel crazy. He even enjoys hitching a ride in a bicycle basket and, if you go for a keep-fit jog, he'll keep pace beside you in comradley style.

For a cat, he's remarkably straightforward and most of the time, you can read him like a book. If he ever goes missing for a spell or his behaviour goes off the rails, the cause is most probably a tangled love-life - nothing else upsets this boy. His self-esteem is almost undentable - and he doesn't even mind too much if you find his blunders and missed footings a bit of a joke. With his wide, curly mouth and rumbling purr, he seems to enjoy a laugh himself. He likes being near people and is forever rearing up on his hind legs - or leaping onto unsuspecting visitors' heads - trying to be nearer their level.

He is relentlessly matey - even to those who would rather he keep his hairy distance. But every now and then, he'll take himself off on a little holiday, returning with a mysterious smile. Just to show that he's a free agent at heart.

Actually, despite his wanderlust and taste for country living, he'd hate the paw-to-mouth existence of a farmcat or town feral because he lives for mealtimes and eats enormously. Full of trust and resilience (he never learns from a mistake, but no matter), he never quite graduates beyond his kittenish phase. 

You'll usually find him waiting for you to come home, sitting on the front doormat.