Meet Pepper and Ginger

Meet Pepper and Ginger, two super-energetic and very affectionate Aries cats. And very handsome.


Slender, often ginger and forever knocking your knickknacks flying - that's a typical Aries. But whatever his, or her, coat colour (and some are not as lithe as they think they are), a surefire way to spot your Aries is to glance at their ears. 

Do they look, dare one say, a bit dog-eared, covered in scars and with the odd chunk missing altogether? That's because lovable Aries is so very direct and impulsive. Thinking is doing, immediately. And that means leaping into a fight as often as into your lap - often with remarkable bravery and at the defence of his owner or a fellow pet.

Aries knows no fear (or doesn't let it show) and his boisterous courage can get him into lots of scrapes. He's naturally lucky, but that's not much comfort to his human owners who are bound to worry about him. His adventurous nature as a young kitten makes him especially vulnerable and he needs to have a close eye kept upon him during this phase.

Now look closer - it won't be easy because Aries cats don't sit still for very long, even when old age ought to rule out those great games of football with a screwed up sheet of paper. He leads with his head - forever shoving it into nooks and crannies and giving people a violent head butt that might be painful if it wasn't so well-meant.

Wild of spirit and a genius at opening doors with a flying lunge (and a wally at leaving his tail behind) Aries is persistent and inventive. He's highly inquisitive and affectionate and only rarely lets slip his naughty, spitty, snarly side - usually when someone or something has made him jump. He'll eat you out of house and home, if you let him, and although he's not fussy (quantity, not quality, is what counts with him) he needs and deserves good food to keep his powerhouse energy levels topped up.

Your Aries will be a lifelong friend. Can't see him at the moment? Try looking up along the curtain pelmet or on a really high shelf!