Congratulations to Jackie Holiday and to her handsome, irresistible three-year-old cat, Pipin for being AstroCat Of The Month.

Born on September 7th, 2014, Pipin is a Virgo, with his moon in Pisces, Mars in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Leo. 

This makes him a caring, at times bossy, cat with a sense of humour.


If you see a smaller-than-average little female cat fussing around rearranging its bedding or endlessly trying to clean every last scrap of soil from the underside of its claws - then giving its face another wash for luck, chances are she's a Virgo. When you catch her staring quizzically and rather critically directly into your face, you'll know for sure. This is not going to be a pushover relationship.

Your Virgo cat lays down the ground rules and is very particular indeed about whose settee she curls up on or whose hands she will permit to stroke her. She absolutely hates being picked up and spends ages trying to tidy herself up again afterwards. But once she has found a human who can measure up to her needs and expectations, she's a one-person cat.

Often, Virgo cats smell very sweet - with a hint of parma violet in their fur. And they often look as if they are wearing two pairs of white gloves.
Watchful and sensible to the core, your Virgo rarely comes a cropper through foolishly dashing somewhere without looking. She is highly suspicious of strangers and won't normally stray far from home.

Virgo would never be gauche enough to rush to the door to greet you, but that doesn't mean she doesn't care. She's the most discreet of cats and petting must be gentle and on her terms.

Plants, especially indoor ones, fascinate her and she is prone, alas, to take the odd bite. So guard against any harm by not keeping any plants that contain poisonous or irritating juices.

This cat is ultra-modest and won't use a littertray if anyone is watching. She also covers her tracks with undue vigour, so a cover might be a good idea to prevent scattered litter or newspaper. She is equally fastidious over her food and won't touch grub that's less than fresh or a bowl that smells of soap or disinfectant. Ideally, she'd like you to handfeed her with delicacies from your own plate - not a good idea! Her ever-active brain never switches off - watch out for telltale squeaks, twitches and tail movements when she's asleep.

A bit of a loner deep down, she will put up with other cats in the house - but only just.