Meet Mitzi

Meet glamour puss Mitzie, she appreciates the company of her owners and watching TV.
And is all a Cancer cat should be.


Even if you don't know exactly when your cat was born, you will be able to pinpoint their starsign. Just watch your feline friend for a few minutes. The way they look and how they behave will soon tip you off about their sign because cats, like people, are greatly influenced by the position of the planets at the time of their birth …


She may be smoky grey and fuzzy around the edges, or pale as clotted cream and short-haired, but once you catch her gazing wistfully at the moon, her paws neatly folded beneath her rounded tummy, you'll know for sure that you've got a Cancer cat at home. Many of these cats also have a distinctive white crescent on their chests which they are very fussy about keeping clean.

She's a powerful mothering instinct and even if your Cancer cat is a He, the urge to adopt and nurture small, young creatures is very strong. It may even extend to odd socks.

Basically sweet-natured and regular in her habits, your cat is acutely supersensitive. Severe emotional upset can make her avoid human company. Perhaps she was a very shy kitten, standoff-ish to start with, then growing more demonstrative. As an adult, she still needs plenty of security and routine. 

The company of another cat, preferably a litter-mate, would also stop her becoming lonely and when you are not around.

She is particularly nervous before thunderstorms - she can predict one hours in advance - and fireworks or vehicles backfiring send her into a panic.

Sleep is one of her favourite hobbies and she adores kneading your stomach or giving your face a thorough wash before settling down.

She is a bit of a choosy eater.

It's impossible to hide anything from her - she'll prod and poke, snag and scoop - until she's retrieved the forbidden object. The same applies to your feelings and she has an amazing empathy with your moods. You can confide in a Cancer cat and her manner is always comforting.

She's a home-loving softie whose kind character really merits cherishing.