Instant Personality Test

Without hesitating, choose your favourite number between one and nine. It could reveal so much about you.

ONE You stand out from the crowd and you all have the self-belief, originality and energy to become rich and famous. Your independence draws people to you, and you 
can leave a trail of broken hearts when people don’t live up to your high expectations.
Your love-style is energetic, daring , and very demanding.

TWO Being part of a couple, is so right for you - and a talent for co-operation is your key to success in love and at work - along with your creativity. But because you think the best of people, it’s vital not to let less honest lovers exploit you. A partner who truly loves you sets free your secret passion power that promises blissful loving.

THREE Your restless energy, and vivid imagination, plus a charm-overload, make you amazing fun to be with. But you need people around you to steady you, so you can get the work success you want. Your hunger for new experiences can mean you change partners too fast. But it’s when you decide to devote time to one special person, that you’re truly happy.

FOUR Clever, practical, and a true perfectionist, you’re always ready to work hard for yourself and for those you care about. Both friends and family see you as their rock. Honesty is more important than sweet romancing. You often marry into money - but for love, not greed. Once you have settled on a lifetime partner, then love will be amazing.

FIVE Daring and versatile, you make your own rules and often test-drive very different jobs and life-styles. You thrive in situations that test your courage and ability to think fast. You are the most intriguing mix of scorching sex appeal and independence.
You are a love gambler, yet when you bet on a long-term partner, you get it so right.

SIX Creating a perfect home, working to help others and building a secure life - you can do it all. Being proud of the job you do matters more than the cash. But though you can seem buttoned-up, lovers discover the core of passion, your talent for giving love - but do remember to take love, too. You set high standards for love and fidelity is vital.

SEVEN There’s an air of mystery about you and you attract people almost too easily. You can read minds but keep part of yourself secret. You can act like the 
ideal worker, or boss, but it’s your deep, spiritual side that is the real you. A very gifted lover, you can dazzlr a partner. Yet you are capable of devotion to 
the one who understands you.

EIGHT Strong-willed, very businesslike and totally determined to succeed, you work hard and take charge of life, whether it’s a company or a local sports team. You can be a high-earner, too. It’s important to find time for your lovelife - and though a partner you can control may appeal, you need to learn to share the power in love. Then you’ll relax and discover true fulfilment.

NINE You have psychic gifts and a desire to help the world - and you’ll need a job that enables you to do this. The flip side of you is very creative. In love, you offer a mix of caring and passion. You understand a partner’s hopes and dreams and can fulfil them. But for you to be truly happy, you need a partner who lets you live your own life.