Dev Patel

Actor Dev Patel will turn 31 on April 23

Dev has come a long way since his big screen debut in Slumdog Millionaire, and he’s still only 31. His next starring role is in epic fantasy movie The Green Knight, out in July.


First card on my table for Dev is The Hermit, which encourages him to take a step back and focus on inner peace rather than outer success. Links to a famous mountain location, a time of communicating without using words, and jewelled colours are all significant in Dev's near future. This card also suggests increased solo responsibility - Dev has moved into writing and directing with new project Monkey Man - but any burdens are borne with grace and ease. Number 9 can be so lucky right now.


Card Two is The Sun, such a wonderful card of warmth and optimism - and sharing everything from cash bonuses to property, to family recipes. A unique app or website, linked to a sunny location, can be a factor in this. There can be jealousy from someone older. But Dev will deal with this so well.

Ace of Earth

Finally, I draw The Ace of Earth. This is a symbol of safety, profit, and a strong business or love bond forged with a single golden item - anything from an Oscar statuette to a wedding band.