Zoe Ball

TV presenter and radio star Zoe Ball will turn 49 on November 23

Zoe Ball is the first ever female breakfast show host on both Radio 1 and Radio 2 - and they are two of the most challenging and discussed programmes.


The first card coming out of the pack shows her deep personal strength, plus positive times and victories in the future. Yes, it’s the super-powerful card The Emperor.
Taking up a fast sport is well-indicated, to keep energy levels high and it could lead to a deep friendship with a sporting hero. And there can be a sudden step-up at work, or a business based on funding new ideas and new faces.


Card Two is The World, symbol of an extended time of international travel and broadcasting to a world-wide audience.

Water Princess

The last and perhaps most surprising card is The Water Princess, symbol of illusion and wonder. A natural skill for decoding faces and actions, can lead Zoe into counter-intelligence work, or helping people understand their deep inner selves. Though the marriage proposal she gets could still be a total surprise.