Victoria Beckham

Singer and Fashion designer Victoria Beckham will turn 47 on April 17

World-famous for her fashion label, the ex Spice Girl and mum of four was awarded the OBE in 2017.


Victoria’s first card, The World, reflects her ability to settle and shine in many countries and settings - she and husband David Beckham have luxury homes all over the world. But it is also a strong signal of maturity and broadening horizons, which can include stepping into a learning arena - maybe with a health connection - that Victoria has never felt qualified for before. This is also a card of healing rifts and repairing relationships from the past - she is ready to take the first step in ending a long-running feud.


Card Two is Temptation, symbol of intensity and impulsive actions. A clash of ambitions may be ahead, but this card shows a couple can thrive on emotional challenges and grow closer. And a surprise ceremony in the sunshine, with a unique role for a famous face and voice, can be part of Victoria’s future.

Six of Water

Lastly I draw the Six of Water, a strong marker of security and a sense of family. As well as welcoming blonde babies - perhaps grandchildren - Victoria can join an established TV cast or panel and feel instantly at home.