Tom Daley

Diver and TV personality Tom Daley will turn 28 on May 21

Tom has a total of four Olympic medals to his name, including a gold for the Mens 10m Synchronised, from last year’s Tokyo games. He’s also famous for his love of knitting and crochet and has a dedicated social media account for his creations. Tom’s married to screenwriter/producer Dustin Lance Black and the couple have one son.

Water King

First card for Tom is the (very) appropriate Water King. As well as the obvious connections to Tom’s sporting success, this is a card of mature emotions and strong support - both offering it and receiving it. This card also often indicates a natural skill for creating homes other people need, either in a practical or emotional sense. This is something Tom should explore.


Card two is Beginning, suggesting a journey into the unknown and an eagerness to try new ways of working and living. A unique mix of crafts, creativity and design can take Tom’s name into homes worldwide - and a young, fashion-conscious Royal can be part of this rise.


Third card for Tom is Temperance, a card of balance in all things. A unique take on supporting and inspiring mental health, in sport and out of it, can be a future key factor.