Taylor Swift

Singer songwriter Taylor Swift will turn 32 on December 13

Multiple award-winner Taylor released two new albums, folklore and evermore, last year after saying she couldn’t stop writing songs during lockdown. She’s also re-recording her first six studio albums. Taylor is settled with UK actor Joe Alwyn, and has a famously loyal fanbase.

Fire Prince

First card for Taylor is the Fire Prince, sparking up a time of restless activity and creating songs and memories with a younger male star who is about to shine just as brightly as she does. A personal career crossroads is up ahead with an exciting choice of directions.


Taylor’s next card is the Hermit, which echoes her determination to keep so much of her personal life private. This card can show a new shared home in an isolated spot, high on a mountain or even on an uninhabited island. Its simple gift is deep, pure passion that strengthens mutual independence.

Ace of Water

Final card on my table for Taylor is the Ace of Water. This indicates a natural eye for design, and also strongly suggests that something Taylor has been seeking for a long time is already there, very close to home. This card is linked to fertility and birth - so much so that “the christening card” is its nickname.