Tan France

Stylist designer presenter Tan France will turn 40 on April 20

Tan was born in Doncaster, North Yorkshire and studied fashion at college before working for many famous brands. He moved to the US, started and sold his own successful fashion company, then moved into presenting, first on Queer Eye, then as co-host of Next In Fashion. Tan has dual US/UK citizenship, lives in Utah, and he and his husband Rob France have a young son, born in 2021.

Eight of Water

First card on my table for Tan is the Eight of Water, a turning point card of cutting ties with people and projects that have reached the sink or swim stage. This may also involve a move away from the familiar and into a more fluid, unpredictable style of working. But Tan can flourish.


Next card is The Empress, symbol of nurturing and generosity. Tan is a keen baker and won celebrity Great British Bake Off, and creating his own brand of baking utensils, or recipes that connect two or more cultures together, can be a big hit with some TV or expert judges. Jewel-coloured clothes, and an outdoor feast at a distinguished address, can also be significant.


Tan’s final card, The Magician, casts a spell of illusion and intrigue over his career, and can show him winning surprise fame in a disguise of some kind, perhaps undercover.