Susanna Reid

TV Presenter Susanna Reid will turn 50 on December 10

Susanna started her career with the BBC but since 2014 has been a popular breakfast presence in UK homes every day on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, often sparring with her co-host Piers Morgan. Susanna has three sons.


First tarot card on my table for Susanna is The Lovers, a significant symbol of major upcoming choices in life. Yes, these link to love and romance, but also to who she chooses to spend time with, in a work or social sense. Someone younger, linked to the star sign Gemini, or who may be a twin, can move from the fringes of Susanna’s life to its centre. This could  start an intriguing, exciting time that presents Susanna with a life-changing decision.

Fire Queen

Card Two is the Fire Queen, linking Susanna to a woman with an unusual name, who dresses in very bright, unusual colours and hides a kind heart behind a sarcastic manner. Together they can start, or save, a fashion or other creative business and turn it into a global phenomenon.

Three of Earth

Finally I draw the Three of Earth, signalling prizes and successes in groups of three. Names or nicknames of three letters and initial “C” can be luck-bringers for Susanna. Along with a property deal linking three names.