Steph McGovern

TV Presenter Steph McGovern will turn 40 on May 31

Steph has an engineering and science background, and was the business presenter on BBC Breakfast before starting her own daily talk show, Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4. Steph lives in Yorkshire with her longtime girlfriend and their daughter.

Air Queen

Steph’s reading begins with  the Air Queen, a strong symbol of writing skills and a natural ability to cut through excess facts and figures to find the true story. An enigmatic woman Steph first interviews for her TV show, can share a life secret that takes both of them to a new level of stardom. And an address in a famously windy city can be a factor.


Card Two is Judgement, linked to Jupiter - a positive card of fresh starts and walking away from past regrets. This card also often appears when someone is ready to reap rewards from past efforts. A former colleague, with whom Steph shares a special bond, can link up with her to bring a unique product to market.  And this can connect back to Steph’s engineering past.

Six of Earth

Final card is the Six of Earth, a wonderful card of giving and receiving help. A team or family of six, and a unique line of communication to children, connect in a special June date.