Stella McCartney

Fashion designer Stella McCartney will turn 51 on September 13

The daughter of Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda, Stella has made a name for herself in the fashion world. She is a life long vegetarian, and refuses to use any animal products in her designs. She has just released a skincare range. Stella is married to publisher Alasdhair Willis, and has four children.

Air Princess

Her first tarot card is the Air Princess, which carries a double message. Stella may go back to school to fill in any gaps in her education - but she is also ready to step up and speak on behalf of others. Yes, this can point to a legal role, via an organisation with an animal-linked logo, and a global reach. Some striking blue eyes can be the key.


Card two for Stella is The World, a feet-on-the ground, mature card that indicates a personal journey that can be challenging, but also deeply rewarding. A golden ticket and a child’s name linked to nature are both significant. Even if it’s hard to leave one world behind, the waiting one will be worth it.

Three of Fire

The 3 of Fire is Stella’s card of laughter and success. Writing a comedy memoir, with two older family members, can be a turning point in her career, and fuel a major refresh of her personal image.