Sophie Ellis Bextor

Singer Sophie Ellis Bextor will turn 42 on April 10

One of the great pick-me-ups of lockdown with her Kitchen Disco sessions, Sophie is planning to take her classic singalong tracks out on tour. She’s married to Richard Jones, bassist of The Feeling, and they have five sons, aged 16 to two.


Sophie’s first card is The Star, a constant, guiding source of comfort and confidence. This can come from outside Sophie, perhaps through an older celebrity, who shines a light on talents Sophie has yet to share with the world. Possibly linked to a new language or a game show format with an audience element. Star shapes, silvery-coloured clothes and travelling through tunnels towards new worlds, are all in Sophie’s future. The Star can be a strong surprise baby indicator, too!


Second card out is the Magician - promising illusion and mystique, and the ability to persuade others to see life in a different way. This can happen through making original pictures, or music. And a directing role that happens almost by default can work out so well.

Seven of Air

Lastly, I draw the Seven of Water. This is a card of completion and calm - a powerful helper in seeing a few key projects through, instead of starting loads and finishing few. Outdoor swimming and heart shapes are lucky.