Simone Biles

Champion gymnast Simone Biles will turn 27 on March 14

Ohio-born Simone is one of the greatest gymnasts of all time and looks set to add to her success at the Paris Olympics this summer. In 2020, she experienced “the twisties” which forced her to pull out of some Olympic events to protect her mental health. Simone is married to American Football player Jonathan Owens.


First card for Simone is the Emperor, combining a natural physical mastery with an inner resilience, and the ability to come back fighting, and looking forward. This could be a factor in Simone creating and performing a totally unique gymnastic move, named after her. She can also find a leadership role in a faraway country, with a culture totally different to the USA.

Earth Princess

Card two is the Earth Princess, a grounded symbol of knowing when to stop, as well as go full speed ahead. Learning a musical instrument, with a famous female teacher, can bring calm to Simone’s busy mind and help her find even more intense focus.


Lastly, I draw the the Sun, with its golden glow of light, heat — and medals. Especially when Simone shares her skills, and her success. This card can have a stubborn streak, so she should be sure to listen to another “S”, even if they don’t always agree.