Sean Bean

Brilliant and powerful actor Sean Bean will turn 61 on April 17

Proud Yorkshireman, Sean has played many tough guys on TV and film, including Boromir in Lord of the Rings - his most recent screen outing is in horror film Possessor.


The first card out of the tarot pack is The Lovers, card of powerful physical attraction and life-changing love choices. For Sean, married for the fifth time, this shows a big decision about a serious movie on the subject of love, and it would be one he could write as well as stars in.
He already has three daughters from previous marriages, and this card hints at an addition to his family. But the biggest choice is an emotional one, to link two minds together as closely as two hearts.

Nine of Fire

Card two is the Nine of Fire, a hotly creative card. Sean’s own paintings find him fame via a prestige prize cor artists.

Water King

The third card is The Water King, symbol of maturity and personal peace. This card shows Sean moving towards a business linked to building homes, to his own remarkable designs, and his talent shines in everything he does.