Sean Bean

Tough, romantic, brilliant actor Sean Bean celebrates turning 59 on April 17th
From Sharpe to Game Of Thrones and a new TV series The Oath, Sean matches fine acting with that sexy something that makes him so watchable.

Two of Water

But the first card is a surprise because it’s the most romantic in the pack The Two Of Water — also known as the wedding card. And yes, he did recently marry for the fifth time, and said “Of course, I believe in love.” This card shows he is optimistic as well as romantic.

Earth King

The timeline on his second card, The Earth King, shows despite all his success on TV and the movies, the next five years are his personal prime time, with lead roles in movies that make fortunes for the film companies and win major awards for Sean. This money card also shows him becoming a mentor for young actors and setting up scholarships for older people who still dream of learning to become actors.


The summing-up card, which looks further into the future is The Empress. It signals his family getting bigger. Sean, who already has three daughters, could be welcoming two sons into his world.
And, yes, there could be another wedding — but only to re-affirm his love for his fifth wife Ashley Moore.