Saoirse Ronan

Actress Saoirse Ronan will turn 29 on April 12

Born in New York City to Irish parents, Saoirse returned to Dublin when she was three years old and grew up in Ireland. She has starred in many hit films including Brooklyn, Lady Bird and Little Women and has several projects currently in the pipeline. Saoirse is in a relationship with Scottish actor Jack Dowden, her co-star in Mary Queen of Scots.

Water Queen

First card on my table is the Water Queen, a card of deep intuition but carrying an element of intrigue. A dream can lead Saoirse to start some family research that connects a fictional and a real-life Royal family.


Card Two is Strength - inspiring symbol of physical stamina and emotional courage. This card encourages stepping up and standing out, and can show Saoirse heading up a very creative, but challenging, group of people. Perhaps stepping in at the last moment. A man named Leo, or a woman born under the star sign Leo, will test her strength but also support her.


Finally, I draw the Empress - representing nature, fertility and the planet Venus. A run-down building deep in the countryside instantly feels like home. Special emotional promises can be made inside a circle of trees.