Sanjeev Bhaskar

Sanjeev Bhaskar will turn 56 on October 31

He’s a well-known UK TV face, next on in seaside sitcom Sandylands (2020). Sanjeev, who has an OBE and is married to Meera Syal, has wowed in everything from writing to voice overs. The Tarot celebrates his curious spirit.

Ace of Earth

Sanjeev’s reading starts with the Ace of Earth, card of outer practical choices and inner peace. Sanjeev can make a decision to work less and focus more on living in the moment - a charity he or someone close has supported for a long time plays a significant part. The Ace also often indicates a second ceremony for the same two people, and surprise cash flowing (fast) from a past bond or business.


Card Two is Justice, symbol of balance, fairness and a high-profile law-linked role. A name from Sanjeev’s history can unexpectedly increase his family, but this proves a positive process. Plus a fast-track diet change turns back his fitness clock.

Water Prince

Last card on the table is the Water Prince, bringer of freedom and new directions - this shows Sanjeev pairing up with someone a generation away to invent a new kind of clothing, or transport. He can also flourish as a mentor in official circles, and is tempted to stand as an MP. And would make an excellent one.