Samantha Morton

Actress and Director Samantha Morton Will turn 43 on May 13

Nottingham-born Samantha is known for pursuing her career, on her terms, and has spoken honestly about her time growing up in the UK care system. She has three children and most recently appeared on TV as the villain Alpha in The Walking Dead.


Card Number One is The Sun, showing warmth and simplicity after a time of complicated emotional and practical demands. Future fame could include a role, and a new home, in the sun and a lifelong creative partnership with a multi-award-winning actor with links to initial “S”.

Air King

The second card out of the pack is the Air King for Samantha. This is a card of mature wisdom and the ability to enable two sides to come together and reach a point of agreement. An anonymous advice-giving role, plus a wish to study further in a legal setting, all offer Samantha the chance to invest in her strong mediation skills.

Three of Earth

The last card on my table is the Three of Earth, a card of firm foundations and property deals going through. A building on three floors, or in a location with three names, links wellbeing and is a key part of Samantha’s future. Adding her name to a film or TV project helps it happen, third time lucky.