Ryan Gosling

Actor and producer Ryan Gosling will turn 42 on November 12

Ryan was born in Canada and was a child star on The Disney Channel before becoming leading man in many indie movies plus blockbusters like La La Land and The Gray Man. He’s also turned his hand to producing in the last few years. He’s been with Eva Mendez since 2011 and the couple have two daughters.

Three of Earth

First card for Ryan is the Three of Earth - a card of co-operation and collaboration that often indicates a high-powered team of three. This can show a team forming with two other equally famous Hollywood personalities, who each share one of Ryan’s initials, to create a story about a trio of musicians. Plus it can be third time lucky when Ryan asks a big emotional question, or puts a key personal change in motion.


Card Two is The Lovers, another strong symbol of loyalty, and togetherness. This sends out a very positive relationship signal. Ryan has taken time out to be with his family, and talked about taking a back seat career-wise for a while, and letting his partner Eva pursue big acting roles. A shared trip to a location built by two famous lovers can be a turning point for the couple's future.


Lastly, I draw the Chariot, symbol of accessing inner spiritual and mental strength and learning to control it. Ryan’s ability to hold an audience spellbound can take an unusual direction as he fronts a new caring organisation that expands rapidly to every corner of the world.